Welcome to SEO Myths


SEO Myths. where do we start? The fact that your reading this means you already know what this sites about. Its all about SEO Myths and SEO Scams!!!!

SEO is the “magic behind da interweb!”

Is it special knowledge, held by a few technical elite? Or is SEO primarily just the evil lies of the scam artist who will take your cash and promise you that all important first place ranking on Google (for the key phrase “green oysters in October”)

This site is an amalgam of the many myths perpetrated around the SEO world. This site also hopes to offer advice and information on exactly what is SEO.

By showing you some of the common myths outlining the worst of the scams out there, we will give you a basic understanding of the SEO world.



  • SEO Basics Search Engine Marketing, what the whole SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) world is aimed at servicing. Here I’ll do my best to give a basic overview of this, but as you can see if you read the about me section, this may well be just more Myths, Legends and utter rubbish (I’m just an anonymous webmaster with the same sources of information as everyone else after all)
  • SEO Myths This is the point to this site, here we list a lot of the usual suspects, some of these SEO myths die out fast, but some keep sticking around. Some current SEO practises will become the SEO myths of the future, and in this world, that can be as soon as next week.
  • SEO Scams Customer service at its best!! This is where I will show some of the best SEO scams I’ve heard.
  • Bad SEO Some of the practises to look out for from an SEO company that, while not nessaceraly trying to scam you, is probably best kept well away from


  • SEO Tools A list of the main tool sets available to the SEO newcomer, lots of free utilities exist, some more useful than others, but all giving something to the aspiring SEO guru.
  • SEO Tips A check list of the basic SEO practises anyone can follow for themselves, whatever their technical level.
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